Here are the top questions about ozone oils and their uses.
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Question : How is the oil made?

Answer: Ozonated oil is produced by bubbling ozone gas through the vegetable oil from three days to a week. The resulting product is usually thickened and chapstick – like. It has been shown to have multiple healing uses. It is known to destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses and prions. It has been used dermally, intraorally or ingested via encapsualted gelcaps.

Question: Can I breath the oil?

Answer: Yes. When the oil becomes ozonated, the chemical structure of ozone changes to an ozonide and becomes non-irritating to the lungs and respiratory tract.

Question: What is the shelf life on the oil?

Answer: Most people say that once an oil is ozonated, it will stay active for 10-15 years. We like to keep our ozonated oils in the refrigerator to keep them cold. We have done studies to show that the ozonated oil will start to break down if the temperature is raised above 140 degrees.

Question: How do I tell the difference in the relative strengths of the different ozonated oils?

Answer: All vegetable oils have a certain number of double bonds in their chemical structure. The more double bonds that a certain oil has, the more ozonides that will incorporate into it. The more ozonides that are incorporated into the oil, the stronger in action that particular ozonated oil is.

Question: Are the oils safe to use on skin?

Answer: All of the oils can safely be used on the skin. The more milder ozonated oils such as olive, avocado and jojoba oils are probably better to use on skin than any of the stronger ozonated oils such as safflower or sunflower oils. Like any topical application, test a small patch of skin first to see if your skin will react to the oils. If there is an adverse reaction to the application of the ozonated oil to your skin, discontinue it’s use.

Question: If the oil is refrigerated it gets semi solid. How can I use the oils if they are in this state?

Answer: You may warm the oil in a warm water bath to allow it to become less viscous. You can also use it in it’s harder form. Just place a small amount on a saucer or back of a cup and it will melt within minutes.

Question: Can I ingest the oil or use it internally?

Answer: Yes. It can be incapsulated for internal use. Most of it’s dental uses are within the oral structures and surrounding tissues.

Question: How are the ozonated oils used in dental treatments?

Answer: To use the oils in perio, one can place some oil in a dappen dish and use a perio probe to deliver the oil to the sulci. In endodontics, the oils can be used on the endodontic files for lubrication. Studies have also shown that there is antimicrobial action of the oils into the lateral canals. On any herpetic lesion, cold sore or skin issue, rub a small amount into the area to see if there might be an adverse reaction. Most people do not have any adverse reactions to the organic ozonated oils. In cases where ozone gas is available, that would be the first course of treatment to any wound site. Then it can be followed up with treatment by the ozonated oils. The O3 oils have about 45-50% of the healing action of the ozone gas. Patients can also take the ozonated oils home and apply them withQ-tip or rubber tip instrument to the infected areas.


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