What is Ozone? & What are Ozonated Oils?

What is Ozone?

Ozone is the most powerful naturally occurring oxidizing agent — the same element that cleanses the earth’s atmosphere. Ozone occurs when three oxygen atoms are bound together and charged by electricity — it’s oxygen empowered. A colorless gas at room temperature, ozone has the scent of fresh rain after a lightening storm. It is nature’s most effective tool for purification — all without synthetic chemicals or detergents.

As a powerful oxidant and purifying agent in food, beverage and water applications, ozone is one of the best ways to disinfect and decontaminate with no toxic byproducts. As an unstable molecule, ozone is eager to destroy germs, viruses, and microbes that cause illness. When impurities have been eradicated, ozone naturally reverts to oxygen. Ozone is a simple, powerful, and natural purifier.

What are Ozonated Oils?

The natural healing ability of ozone can be captured within vegetable oils. Ozone gas can be bubbled through the oils for several days and it’s healing properties can be saved for years. All our oils are certified organic. Pure medical grade oxygen is used to generate ozone gas to bubble through the oils. Worldwide research has mostly focused on olive, sunflower, flax (linseed) and safflower oils in medical settings. We offer these ozonated oils as staples along with several other proven oils. These oils can be used in a variety of different ways.

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  1. Kristina Brace
    Kristina Brace says:

    First, I want to say thank you for working hard on creating a soap that truly removes bacteria. Our wonderful dentist gave us your #27 when he saw my 14 year old with face full of pimples some cystic. He asked if she like to get rid of them. Upon saying YES! he gave her your soap. Its been a week and all the acne is gone including the cystic ones. She has some tiny blackheads but that is it. Her back was worse then her face and all of it is gone. Just scarring left. If you have any thoughts on what to use for the scarring I would very much appreciate it. I just plased an order for more soap and other items. Thank you!!

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